The New Dimension of Education

Education remains the bedrock of a developed society and the only hope of a developing one. The level of investment a society makes in her education is proportional to the level of development in returns. Education can be regarded as the acquiring of skills and knowledge which equips an individual to be a solution provider to immediate community problems and globally. In light of this, education remains a dynamic entity changing from generations to generations to meet up with various problems of various societies. Every society’s education plan drives towards solving problems and building a brighter future.
It is sad to note that the society regards the schooling of a child as the education of the child, thereby limiting the child’s transformation and potential. For many, education stops when they finish school and are awarded a certificate. In the proper light of true definition, schooling is the formal setup for a child, to learn within the boundaries of a setup curriculum. It therefore would be right to state that education is not schooling but schooling is part of education. If an individual is going to solely depend on the curriculum, there awaits him great limitation. As earlier stated, education evolves based on the problems society is faced with; within this context it is proper to state that there is a new dimension of education, which our children should be directed accordingly. A society that doesn’t update her education will at some point be outdated. For example, there was once the Spartans who were educated to only fight war because it was the problem they faced in that era. They were regarded, as the champions of the world but when there was no need for war, they became obsolete and no longer recognized. It is therefore, important that from time to time, our society must update our education system, so we do not become outdated.
Every parent must ensure that his or her child should be properly educated. Education has a new dimension in this Era and it is important a Parent should be aware. The education of your child must be aimed to making him a problem solver, anything apart from this is not acceptable. The following are listed based on writer’s observation. Every parent should consider educating their child according to this direction, for the child to be relevant.
Education of Self
IT Education
Financial Education
Entrepreneurship Education
Social Education
Vocational Education
Environmental/Society Education
Work Education
Spiritual Education
The listed dimension of education is a guide on how a parent can educate his child, apart from schooling the child. A school cannot provide a holistic package of educating the child and is therefore the responsibility of the parent to brand the child for society relevance. In subsequent, article, we would discuss on why each is relevant in your child’s education. Do leave your comments and share


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