The Mid-Term Break

The Mid-Term Break is here and it is a time for the kids to have a short break from schoolwork. As we have in football, where players go on a first half break, which is a time to relax and re-strategize; a time to think out of the box, a time to recover if losing, a time to win if playing a draw, a time to keep up victory if winning. The mid-term break is also similar. It is an opportunity to bond with the kids, which can help their mental, social, emotional and physical development. You should take note that it is not a time to be on TV and games all through alone. With this in mind, it is imperative that you plan the break with them. This article has some few tips on what to do for the one-week break.           

Give them a break

As a parent, there are moments where you have burnout, from consistent work and you just need a little break not from only office work but from things generally like your normal routines. This applies to the kids also. During this mid-term, you need to give your child such a break from the daily norms. Give room for some flexibility by allowing the child to sleep when he wants to and waking up for a few days. This does not mean you are diverting from the normal training but is just a little flexibility for relaxing.

Try new Activities/Play Games

Trying new things helps the child from not getting bored. I have found out that there is always something new to do. It just requires you to stimulate your creativity. During this mid-term, explore new fun stuff from sports, to arts, to playing instruments e.t.c . Create activities or games you can do with them, they would appreciate a lot because they know you created that time out of your busyness. When I was younger, I remember the day my father played football with me, I dribbled him, I was so excited. This memory remains with me until date. Parents need act as children some times, in order to reach out. Some of us played board games like Scrabble, Ludo, Snake and Ladder with our parents. You can go as far as playing their video games or an indoor game or outdoor game. Have some fun with the kids. You will be amazed how it will make an impact on their esteem.

Plan a Socialization Day

Plan a play date they can have with friends, cousins and relatives. This helps enhances their family bond. It also helps them learn from others through inquiry of what goes on in their various schools. They can have a movie day in your place or at the cinema. If possible, you can help them make new friends or even take turns with visiting friends by communicating with the parents of their cousins or friends.

Shopping and Outing

Plan some outing with the kids. There are new places that are open from time to time, it may just need a drive-out or surfing the net for new places. You can take them to see nature, like the zoo, gardens or waterfalls. Take them on shopping, if you can afford it. If you cannot, let them fill their eyes with the beautiful things of life.

Engage them Intellectually

Before the mid-term, some schools do have open-day for the parents to know the performance of the child. During this period, it helps you know the level of performance of your child. Please if your child is not performing well, you can get a tutor from us to help the child improve. Have a Class of 2 hours a day can make a difference in helping your child’s academics. If the child is doing fine, engage to read for fun. The brain is a muscle you exercise. Remember the mid-term break is for resting, recovering and re-strategizing. Call Smart Mind Tutors on 09075747976, we give the best.

Please note that, this tips can be modified or customized to suit you for when of it is not conducive to go out in your area, maybe due to insecurity or any concerns.


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