Teachers; Partners in Your Child’s Development

Partnership with your Child’s teacher can go a long way in the development of that child. In today’s society, teaching is not seen as a profession but as a dumping ground for those considered not to make anything meaningful in life. The profession is plagued with unsuccessful job seekers, thereby reducing the value of what teaching is all about. In some cases, some take it as a job combination with other trade or domestic work.

Amidst the reality, it is important for the sake of your child; you should not view teachers in this perspective. Developed Societies depends on not only human and materials for infrastructural building but also for the purpose human capacity development. Education is regularly seen as a prerequisite for such development. Consequently, teachers play an important role and are tasked to carry out this mandate. The mandate of preparing the younger ones for various roles in society. Even with the best Educational Curriculum, Policy, Design or Finances budgeted by any government, the implementation, application and usage ultimately is the responsibility of the teacher; for the teacher has the daily interaction with the students.

When a Child is taken to the hospital, the Doctor is considered as an Angel, as the solution Provider of the Child’s discomfort, a Teacher should not be seen otherwise. In fact, the Teacher usually, spends more time with the Child than a Parent in a year. In this light, it is imperative that teachers should be considered as a partner to  the Child development. This perspective will help you in the upbringing of your Child.

Partnership can be considered as the coming together of 2 or more people bringing in resources (money, time, skills e.t.c) to achieve a goal and in the sharing of the reward and risk. A Teacher is paid for his time and skills to achieve the goal of imparting knowledge  and Child development. The teacher gets the reward of salary and fulfillment, especially when the Child excels. Partnership is not telling someone what to do but a 2-way communication, which involves listening and dialogue. Partnership can help the Teacher and Parent learn more about the Child by connecting what is happening at school with what is happening at home. Below are  some tips in collaborating with teachers:

Parents Teachers Forum

The Parents Teachers Forum is an opportunity for School Management and Parents to interact as the name implies. In most cases, Parents see as a time to let the school know their grievances. This  may not be an entirely bad approach but it should also be a time for the parents to ask and see how they can help to make the work improve. Remember, that Parental involvement is a critical factor in the success of a Child. If the School cannot interact with the Parent, how much progress can they make?

Open Days

During Parents Teachers Forum, in my experience, teachers may not be able to talk but the open day is an opportunity for parents to have first hand information about their ward/ child. In this regard, such days should not be taken likely. Open days is a time to get first hand information about your Child’s Academics,Behavior and Social life.

Communication Book

Communication Book  serves as an instrument for most Schools, to direct and help the parent on any required line of action. This is very important; for a follow-up on this can help in other regards with respect to your child. A parent who follows the communication Book would be more proactive in dealing with the Child.

Appreciation and Respect

When a teacher does not do well, a parent may be quick to judge or reprimand a teacher.  well imagine a case, when a teacher does well, such a parent should be able to applaud the teacher without haste. Remember in teamwork, a pat on the back encourages more good work. Teachers can improve better when their efforts are noticed. Appreciation can be in the form of compliments or a little gift. In addition, Teachers should be shown mutual respect as they are also parents or aspiring parents. Learn not to talk negatively about the teacher in front of your child.

With theses few tips if applied, I believe that things can be better with the Child. The goal of any parent would be getting the right partner to work with and this is where the choice of school is very important.Partner with your Child’s teacher and see the difference today.


  • Sandra says:

    Thank you for this information Teachers are suppose to appreciated ,when something happens to your ward don’t be quick to reprimand the teachers instead listen to the teacher

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