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Children are the leaders of tomorrow and to change the future of our homes, our society and our country, we need to develop and influence the mentality of our children. They need to think success and be infused with the mentality possibilities and progress in whatever they do.
Every child from the day of conception to adulthood will be faced with different challenges of life. The child begins with the challenge of opening his eye to light, adjusting to a new environment, learning how to walk, learning how to make sounds etc. As the child grows, the challenges of life become more complex; for activities like waking up early for school, learning to mix up with friends in school and learning in school can become more tasking. When he becomes an adolescent, he can be faced with the responsibility of accountability of his belongings, school performance, house chores or even younger ones e.t.c. This can be seen as challenges because at every phase it is a new level of life. And what is new, is what is unknown and what is unknown can be challenging. The man who was once a child then becomes an Adult and is then faced with a new set of challenges, which is the landmark of every human. In order for a child to be a conqueror and remain, he should have the mindset and mentality of a success.
Success simply can be put as the attainment of a set of goals and objectives.
Mentality is the characteristic way of thinking of a person or group
Success as a mentality is a way of thinking that regulates our actions; it is the basis for all thought processes; it means that our paradigms and mental blocks have become characterized by success. The strong belief that anything one sets out to do, it can be accomplished.When the minds of our children (the next generation) are programmed for success, we will not only have taken care of their present academic condition and needs; we would have built them with the right material to rule their world with excellence. Every child should always think of the possibility of achieving any set of goals or objectives. A child must be able to think of success in any situation he finds himself in. He should have the mentality that he deserves to be the best and should be the best of himself. The mentality of possibilities and exploration.
This is important because the response of different children to different situations of life is dependent on the mindset of the child. When one child is thinking of walking as an opportunity to get candy another may see walking as a disadvantage because of the fear of falling. When one child sees going to school as an opportunity to interact, another may be scared and sees it as been away from Dad and Mum. The Bible emphases that “As a man thinks in his heart so is he.”This, therefore, lets us know that if a child can think he would excel in anything, he puts his hand; it would greatly impact his life. He would be prone to do great exploit. There is an old Chinese saying’ the body obeys the mind’. He must see that what happens to him and around him is less significant than what happens within him according to Louis L.Mann. A child has to see that an exam is not to show his flaws but to show the level of strength he has. He should see failure as an experiment and test of his idea that did not work and as a challenge to try another idea.
It has been said sow a thought, you reap an act, sow an action you reap a habit, sow a habit you reap a character, sow a character you reap a destiny. Imagine our children sowing thoughts of success today and reaping successful destinies by tomorrow.
Today is the right time to build a success mentality of our children. For someone once said; “today is the tomorrow you thought about yesterday.” We cannot change yesterday, but we can do something today that will change tomorrow. Check our next Article furthermore on SUCCESS MENTALITY: AN IMPORTANT INGREDIENT TO A CHILD’S SUCCESS

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