Studying abroad is no new thing in this part of the world. In fact, this happens globally. For
example Asian Countries like China, South Koreans, UAE send their Children travel across
the world to be schooled/educated. This may cost a fortune but it is worth the investment. In
this regard, it is important to check the worthiness of schooling abroad.
This article will enlighten you on the opportunities to seek out for not only you but your kids
also, if you are a parent.
As a Nigerian student or person seeking opportunities to further your education, studying
overseas provides many advantages that you can gain from, such as:
Education at Top Quality
Studying abroad provides you the opportunity to get top quality education. Some of
the countries like the U.S.A, China, U. K. Germany and Canada, which are
consistently advancing in technology and development, provide quality education.
These Countries are known to consistently solve problems, which gives them the
opportunity of educating the world on solving such problems. They have schools,
which are considered to top the rankings of the world.
Different Learning System
Studying abroad gives you the opportunity of learning differently. Various Countries
have different resources, assessment, method and approach to teaching and
lecturing. This difference can help filling the gap in learning. It basically can help
stimulate and open the mind.
Boosting Your Career Opportunities
Studying abroad looks good on your CV. Through your study experience and
connections it expands the of future career prospects and opportunities available. It
can draw the attention of your potential employer, especially multi-national
companies, which may include employees from diverse cultures. Providing you with
opportunities for Leadership positions in your work place through your interactions
with different people and cultures. In some cases, you are provided with courses,
that are not offered in your country.
Expansion of network
One of the important currencies in life is network. As the quote goes ‘Your network
can determine your net worth’. Relating with people from various parts of the world
can upgrade such network, thereby upgrading your net worth. Meeting new friends
can even help you explore opportunities while you are in your country through
recommendations from your friends.
Different Cultural Experience
Studying abroad gives one the opportunity of seeing the world from a different
perspective. It provides a better understanding of various cultures. It is possible you
may not go to other counties but when you have the opportunity of interacting with
people from various countries, then you have the opportunity of understand others.
through your first hand experience your mind and view is broaden. You get to know
when people do what they do. It may also give a long-lasting experience you may
not have. It’s also fascinating to learn to see your own culture through the eyes of
somebody else’s – you can learn a lot about yourself and your home country this
Global Mind-Set
Apart from cultural views, studying abroad can aid thinking globally. You can make sure
that facts and discoveries are applicable globally. The world has become a global
village. The advent of social media and the general relative ease of transportation
has also aided in this development. What this means is that people of the world are
getting to interact better and more often about anything and everything, with
topics related but not limited to sports, culture, art, education, business, information
technology, governance etc. Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to see things
from a global perspective. You can also try new foods, hear traditional music, have a
go at local activities, and explore everything else your host culture has to offer. It can
therefore boost your confidence to compete on global frontier.
The above list of benefits of studying overseas is by no means exhaustive. But
overall, it can be said these plus all other benefits extend from educational
experiences to personal experiences and change the student’s mindset and total
outlook/perspective on life, education, and the world at large.
Thus, without argument, it can be concluded that restricting one’s education to one’s
home country alone can limit the extent to which one can experience and enjoy the
riches that education, and indeed life itself, can offer.
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