Preparing for Entrance into University

Last week, we discussed about getting your child ready for common entrance exams, while this article would be on entrance into  University. We would also discuss about preparing for WAEC/JAMB exams. This does not only apply to students, parents can also use it as a template to guide their wards.

  • Discuss and Conclude on the Course and School Early

As the quotation goes ‘Early to Bed, Early to Rise’. It pays to know what you want to study in the University early. This is a decision most students and parents get to make late. The choice course is not easy to makebut with the right guidance, it can be made. I would recommend parents who have their wards in lower classes, to start discussing and brain storming on the ideal course that suits their child.

After this, decision the choice of School is a second important step. Parents should be able to consider the best schools for the course and the school they can afford. You can contact us via watsapp 09075747976 or email info@smartmindtutors.com for the choices of school if you want to send your child abroad. We have partnering schools in the UK, USA and Europe. In our next articles, we would discuss what to consider when choosing a school.

  • Get the Required Information

After deciding which school, you need to find out the required information to get into the school. The required information includes exams to write (WAEC, JAMB, IELTS) fees of the school, exam centre, documentation and general set-up of the school. Such information is key, so you are not caught up unawares. Various schools have their dates for common entrance, all you need do is find out by going to the school or check online. Most Schools publish their entrance dates online, making it easy for you. Some schools, which are far off especially private schools, have administrative offices in other states apart from where they run.

  • Have a One-on-One talk with your Child or with Self

It is important to have a psyche talk with oneself during the preparation of exams. This is an exam, which probably you have not taken before making it very important to convince yourself that you can do very well in such exams. If you are a parent, you would need to proactively build confidence in your child by talking to him or her. At Smart Mind Tutors, we take our time to prepare our students by giving positive affirmation on their ability. Not everything external may go their way for the preparation; it only gets logical to help them build a positive mindset against those odds.

  • Decide to do the right thing

These days especially with the internet, exam malpractice is on the rise. Various social media platforms are used to amplify such harmful means, which on the long run is not beneficiary to the students. Nigeria has recorded the highest irregularities among the five members Countries of the West African Examinations Council according to the Head National of the Council; this is not an encouraging statistics. Parents must attempt to encourage their wards to the right thing and in the process; they should give the required instruments (Textbooks, writing materials and extra tutoring) to get the job done.

  • Get the Past Questions and the right Syllabus

The exams would be based on a set of syllabus, so it is important to make sure you are preparing according the prescribed syllabus for the exam. In light of this, it is important you make an effort to get the past questions of the school. Ensure you take note of the right subjects with respect to your course and the school of your choice.

  • Prepare a reading timetable

Formulate a reading timetable with your child. Exams are not passed miraculous though I believe in miracle but then the God that performs miracles was the one that gave us brain to act with. Formulate a reading timetable based on your style of reading. Some people would lie to read during the day, some at night, and some immediately after class, whichever one that suits should do. Select your tough topics and plan to treat them bit by bit with your timetable in mind.

  • Be Time Conscious

Try to be time conscious, as the days get closer. This is not to put fear in your  heart but it is aimed at bring the consciousness and readiness of the child towards the exams

  • Arrive Early

Early arrival helps relax the student and boost confidence. It also gives you the opportunity to receive any extra information or deal with any hiccups if there be.

  • Get him a professional tutor

Getting a professional tutor that can help teach your goes a long way. It helps boost the child’s confidence, give the child direction and ensures your child meets his goal. Give us a call for the best tutors, you wont regret it.


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