The term ‘Pornography’ is typically used across the academic and public literature as well as in popular and news media to describe sexually explicit material that is generally intended to sexually arouse the audience.  The increasing availability of pornography materials  online has raised concerns about the impacts it may have on children and young people. Children as young as eight and nine are coming across sexual explicit materials on the internet and in other media.

Research has shown that teens who watch movies or listen to music that glamorize drinking, drug use or violence tend to engage in those behaviors themselves. Psychology science; found that the more teens are exposed to sexual content in movies, the earlier they tend to engage in such activities. Too often, parents assume that their kids are ignorant of sexual activities.

Exposure to explicit online content may cause children and young people to develop some inappropriate behavior; such as aggressiveness, lack of concentration, redraw-al and emotional instability. It is important for parents and caregivers to be able to start open conversations about their children’s online experiences. Schools too can play an important role in assisting children and young people to make sense of their exposure to the internet. Nevertheless, it must be noted that some content even mass media tends to have hidden stimulated sexual messages.

Here is the thing: porn is all over the internet. You cannot totally get rid of it,yet parents can prevent their children from getting addicted to it. Here are some few ways that would help:

  1. TALK TO YOUR KIDS EARLY: While this conversation might be uncomfortable for you, children do not have any concept of awkward. If you wait until they become adolescents, your child would already be drifting away from you thereby looking for answers from their peers and other adults . Aside this,some content through cartoons and movies are not censored. If you start teaching your children young ideally as early as they have access to the internet, they still see you as the all-powerful parent they need to rely on.
  2. FACE YOUR FEARS : Many parents feel anxious when they make the decision to talk to kids about pornography. However, you cannot allow this anxiety and fear make decisions for you. Our kids need us to put them though issues that may hurt their well being in the future, it is very important that parents are able to manage and neutralize their fears and anxiety.
  3. LISTEN TO WHAT YOUR KIDS HAVE TO SAY: I urge parents to practice reflective listening when talking to kids. This is a communication strategy where the listener summarizes and repeats back what they heard the speaker say. It is even more helpful if a parent can help a child show feelings, using statements like ‘I think I am hearing you say you feel afraid ’.
  4. HOME RULES: Know where your children are and who is supervising them. Even if children do not have the internet and pornography at home, they can easily access it, at a friend’s house or in school. Set rules on what they can watch and when, set curfew, set up family media and internet rules, which also apply to parents, keep inappropriate materials out of your home such as offensive magazines, music, movies, TV programs, video games, and the likes.
  5. DISCUSS THE DANGERS: Medical doctors are now seeing the physical, mental, and emotional effects of viewing pornography, especially in children. Let your children know the harm it can cause them if they engage in pornography; encourage them to be bold to tell an adult if they see a bad picture. Imbibe the ‘Turn, Run and Tell’ policy!
  6. KNOW HOW TO RESPOND IF THEY ENGAGE IN PORNOGRAPHY: It is so hard not to freak out as a parent when you discover your child has being viewing porn. However, it is very important that parents get ready for such occasions, parents must first deal with their own negative emotions first, then focus on mentoring and not shaming the child. Ensure your Child is open to you ,if they are engaged in such acts already, so you help them fight such addiction.

The fact that youngsters start viewing porn so early on means that by the time they enter their 20s, they have developed a particular fondness for the videos and find retorting back from them difficult to manage.  This is when the addiction is perceived to be at the highest. Note that some of the perversions practiced is due to consistent exposure of some children and adult to such content.  This is where it is extremely important for parents to detect this demon on time before it destroys the child! Dear parent, please do not assume, this topic refers to another child but your child.













  • Olakanmi Shitan says:

    Thanks for sharing this article Efe. Many parents are unaware of the vices their children can be exposed at such young and tender age. This is a wake up call to all parents and guardians. May God help us in raising Godly children. Amen

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