New Dimension of Education Part 2

In my earlier post, I discussed about education as the equipping of individuals to become the solution providers to their society. I also discussed on the, how various societies have become outdated and forgotten due to their lack of updated educational system. When the educational system of a society is not updated, the society becomes irrelevant.
Today I would be discussing on 3 education paths, you must put your Child through,
 Education of Self: Most people are well enlightened about the environment and life but they are not enlightened about themselves. Most people have identity crisis because they are not well educated about themselves. No knowledge of how they learn, work or even their purpose. A parent should help a child discover him or herself, because the identity of an individual will determine the type of education he would require and the pathway he would walk through. Self-discovery is the first thing in living a fulfilled life. A person who discovers self is on his way to greatness without any doubt.
 Self-Education: This has to do with developing the culture in a Child on self-development and improvement. According to Socrates, ‘A life which is not examined is not worth living’ so therefore from time to time a Child should have the culture of examining himself and work towards mastery and perfection. Most people stop educating themselves after school; they are more of certificate. They need to be personality certified. The ability for individuals to develop a personal interest on educating themselves is key to education. Self education is within the core of self interest
 IT Education: We are obviously in a digital age. Everything is IT oriented. There is no sector that doesn’t work without any form of innovations.. We are in global village and is important to note that if your child is going to be influential he must develop IT skills. There are various aspect of IT, you can train your Child. We have robotics, animation , coding, app development e.t.c
In the next articles, you will learn more on the other forms of education important for your Child.
Adah Efe
Educator/Trainer/Career Coach

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