In our modern time,Leadership is a necessary characteristics required by different organizations or insitutions.Organization are in search of people who in the midst of the storm,can take the bull by the horn to bring positive and lasting change.

God’s first instruction to man,was to have dominion over the earth,thereby instilling in everyone a leadership trait.

Notwithstanding,not everyone has developed such leadership traits in himself. It is has become a necessity to help children and young adults develop this God-given gift to us.
While leadership skills can come naturally, children learn lessons along the way that much affects them later in life. Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders.On a positive note,one would state that our primary and secondary education are aware of the importance of leadership and are creating avenues for the development of leadership skills.

Parents have the ability to mould their children into courageous, passionate and inspirational leaders. As parents, you can model and teach your children the skills that will equip them to lead themselves and others in this hyper competitive world. The beauty of building children into leaders is that it’s the little things you do every day that mould them into the people they will become.
Raising tomorrow’s leader means instilling certain skills in your child. Here are the skills every future leader needs, and how you as a parent can help make them;
Self-confidence: This is one of the most important skills for a future leader but it can’t be taught. Kids learn self-confidence not just through praise, but also by having opportunities to learn things and do excellently well at them. When a child knows he can excel at something such as sports, academics, music, arts & crafts, etc., it builds confidence in his own worth. However, in as much as children need praises to build a healthy sense of esteem, parents should try not to praise children too much. Unfortunately, piling on praise doesn’t give your children extra self esteem. It only creates confusion and false confidence. Always show your children how proud you are of their passion and effort; just don’t paint them as superstars when you know it isn’t true.
Decision-making: Giving your child the opportunity to make decisions for themselves is very important. In the road of leadership,decision making is key to moving an organization forward.This doesn’t mean to burden them with duties and responsibilities that are inappropriate for their age. Start out with small decisions like letting your child choose their clothing when they are young, and give them bigger responsibilities as they grow older to help them understand the concepts of responsibility and consequences. You can help guide them in knowing the good reasons about the decisions they make.
Teamwork: Although some may envision leaders as been above their peers, they also need to be able to work well with others. Teamwork is a highly social activity and involves much interaction and exchanging of ideas and actions. Being part of a team enables your child to move from intrapersonal (individual) ways of thinking to interpersonal (communication with others). Many schools encourage teamwork in different forms. For e.g. Children could be asked to work in teams for physical activities such as soccer, racing, or even formal activities such as projects.
Passion and Motivation: Passion and motivation aren’t really skills but they are important for future leaders nonetheless. Encouraging these traits in your child can be accomplished by helping them to pursue and develop their interests when they are young so that they learn what it feels like to do something because they want to and not because they have to.
Problem solving: Parents should guide children to develop a plan or strategy independently to solve a problems. Children, as well as adults shy away from leadership tasks because they feel overwhelmed. Parents should show children how to break tasks into workable ways to get the job done. This should be age appropriate. E.g., Your Child might become concerned about a little puppy or another animal in a story you are reading to them. You could ask them for ideas about what they would do for the puppy if they were in the story. These kind of questions can awaken your child’s curiosity to think of ways in solving problems.

In conclusion,parents can take advantage of holiday period to enrol their child for extra-curriculum activities like:Summer programmes,boot camps,leadership programmes,sport camps e.t.c. There are private organizations in the education world that organizes such.You can give us a call 0902 595 7834 at SMT to book your child for our summer programme this holiday in Abuja.

Your child is a born leader,develop the leader in him.


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