Exams; an activity every Child in every school participates. We all want our children to do excellently well, when they sit for any exam. In fact, if it was allowed, we would write the exams for them. But of course we can’t do that as that would be malpractice.

However there are a number of things we can do, to help them prepare for any exams. Here are some important tips:

  1. The first thing you want to do;is learn more about the exam your child is sitting for. Ask questions like
    • When is the exam?
    • What exactly is being tested?
    • Is it multiple choice? Are there essays? Will the child have to show their work?
    • How long is the exam?
    • What should they bring along (pencils, calculators, etc.)?
  2. Get in-touch with your child’s teacher. The person in the best place to give you the most accurate information is your child’s teacher. The teacher would also be able to tell you the areas your child is weak so you can be more deliberate as you prepare him or her for the exam.
  3. Make use of a practice exam. If the exam your child is taking is standardized, you will very likely be able to find questions from earlier years with which you can practice with your child. Such practice exams will help you child get acquainted with the format and structure of the exam. Also, quite a number of questions are repeated each year, so chances are that your child will have to answer the same questions he practiced with. The internet can be very handy in getting these practice examination questions. You can also consult your child’s teacher.

If the exam is not standardized and earlier exam questions are unavailable, you can go through your child’s note books and text books and come up with test questions.

  1. Schedule study times: This may be the best thing you do for your child as you prepare him for the exam. Block out fixed time for study. At least three weeks before the exam, have regular study periods in the evening. An hour and half every week day is good enough. You can decide to leave out weekends as off days. A consistent schedule will help your child develop a healthy study habit.

Another approach is to make the study time task-dependent as against time-dependent. For instance, instead of an hour thirty minutes for daily study, it can be solving 20 math problems or writing one 300-words essay.

  1. Use study aides: Study aids can help your child memorize important information. You can have a sheet containing important math formulas which he can have with him at all times and often look through to memorize them.

Flash cards containing new words and their meanings, historical dates, etc., can be deployed as well.

  1. Use positive language always: Exams usually create some anxiety in children and even adults. You don’t want to create more by using negative language when talking about the exam. For instance instead of saying “if you don’t study well, you will fail”, say “it’s very important to study hard so you can come out in flying colors.”
  2. Consider arranging for a tutor. If you think that for whatever reasons you may not be able to prepare your child well enough yourself, then you may want to hire a tutor for that purpose. An older child who has written that particular exam and performed very well can do a good job of preparing your child. Better still, a teacher knowledgeable in the field the exam is based can be a good resource too.
  3. Finally, make sure your child rests well on the eve of the exam. Make him go to bed early and have a good night’s rest. Ensure a nice breakfast is had, double-check all the items needed for the exam are in place, and be sure to arrive the venue of the exam at least 3 minutes before time.

Following these few tips, your child will be well on his way to a resounding success! You can also hire a tutor for exam revision. We are the tutors, you need for your Child. Give us a call 09090508069

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