Excursion can be regarded as an experience in the form of a trip taken by a group of people for the purpose of enlightenment, fun and learning. It helps to expand an individual’s horizons beyond imagination, books and classroom to life experience. Excursion can be of different types, depending on the purpose and group of people embarking on it. Excursion is an opportunity to expose Children to new experiences that will aid in their overall learning, development and creativity. This then helps the children develop knowledge, skill and character as Students.

The benefits of excursions for children cannot be overemphasized. Below are some of the benefits;

Social Interaction and Nature Appreciation

Social systems and the roles people play within them can be observed through excursions. Roles like traffic control, police protection, banking, Journalism/TV presenting, shopping etc  provides social awareness. It gives the opportunity for them to interact and ask questions from these various personalities. Furthermore, parental and family involvement is encouraged when they go with children on field trips, further strengthening the existing familial bond.

Children tend to get more information while they have direct contact with the man-made world around them. Their learning and development becomes even more robust when they interact with the beauty and uniqueness of nature during tours. Imagine that sense of awe and wonder that will be inspired upon beholding the beauty and majesty of Olumo Rock in Abeokuta, the long stretch of the river Niger or the exotic wild life of the Yankari Game Reserve in Bauchi State. This can create an appreciation of the natural world thereby helping them become nurturer and preservers of the earth.

First Hand Experience

Excursions also gives children first hand experience in which they can develop further in language and literacy, gaining new vocabulary and problem-solving skills. They can have high  level of concentration even as kids as a result of such experience.  They can develop the ability to build confidence with a likable personality and enhance various skills such as; communication, leadership, interpersonal, critical thinking.e.t.c

Builds your Inquisitiveness and Creativity

In the process of undergoing tour, Children have the opportunity of seeing things that cannot be reviewed in Class or Books. This then gives more opportunities for curiosity, thereby inspiring many questions, and upon receiving answers to their questions, their wealth of knowledge grows and increases. This also gives room for more interest and concentration while teaching takes place in class.

Builds Career Interest

Excursion provides room for exposure into various career options. They can get to know how gadgets work and how various professionals work. Imagine the amount of learning that will occur when the children in a bid to understand the world around them, ask pointed questions. Career choices can be inspired during the exploration and visit of various industries. There are a lot of children with burning passion for a particular profession but lack the opportunity, to have firsthand knowledge of such profession. It is therefore advisable that parents take advantage of any opportunity to expose their children to such environment to learn these things beyond the four walls of their classrooms regardless of its cost because by doing so they help shape them into having the right attitude in interacting with their peers and not being afraid to take part in activities.

Do not deny any child of any opportunity to go on an excursion. The impact of such denial may not be immediately seen but there definitely would be in the near or far future. Make excursions a regular part of your Child’s experience and watch him/her grow into a well-grounded adult who knows the world around him and how things work.

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