Engaging Your Child Productively During the Holiday

The holiday is here, alot of congratulation messages to graduating students, promoted students and encouragement messages to those that did not perform well. it is important to note that the holiday period is a vital time; a time for refreshing, retreating and re-strategizing. It can also be a time for idleness and productivity depending on planning of a Parent. Once school goes on vacation, many parents choose to send their children to summer camp. Either outside the country or within, regardless of whether your child will be spending a few weeks away from home or will simply attend a summer day-camp, there are many things you should do.

In order to create a productive time for the Child, you need to plan. This article is focused on tips that can guide you. But before we discuss on this tips, you must factor these 3 things;Age of your Child, Aspect of your Child to Improve and timing.

The age of the Child reflects the Class of the Child and the phase the Child is in;for example Children who are entering examination classes like Common Entrance, Junior W.A.E.C or Senior W.A.E.C should have a different plan from others. Secondly, a balanced and  developed Child has to be developed in his cognitive,emotional,social and physical attributes. If your Child is lagging behind academically, plan for a support during the holiday. If he is not doing well, socially, ensure he has an opportunity to mix-up with new friends. We most times focus on only one aspect. Thirdly, do what you need to do because time needs to be utilized.

Here are a few suggestions to keep you on track:

  1. —Check in with your child’s teacher.

You need to discuss with your Child’s teacher to know their strength and what they need to improve on. The information the teacher gives you, helps you to know the direction of the Holiday. \During the Holiday the Child is provided with the opportunity to learn new things and re-learn old things.

  1. Explore Summer/Holiday Options                                                                                                      There are various options during the Holiday; from family vacation to camp programmes to day summer programmes e.t.c Some programmes may be computer related, Character related, Soft skills related e.t.c. The choice of program may also be dependent on some of the information you get from your teachers.  Remember that program covers cognitive, emotional, social and physical. Which ever the program, I always advice have a time for family bonding which may be in the form of vacation or outings or indoors activity or even doing house chores together.
  2. Talk to your Child about camp and what it will be like.

Discuss with your Child on the various options of the camp programs. Discuss the objectives and end goal. Parents can prepare their child for summer camp by setting some goals and expectations. Also, help your child get familiar with all the necessities and area of the campsite.”

  1. Plan Routines/Activities

    During the Holiday, learn to help your Child plan their day to day routines. Let your Child develop his or her routine on a daily bases. This will help the Child  take responsibility and plan their lives.  Remember your Child will not always be a Child. Explain this the importance of this aspect to them. They need to now when to bath, do house chores, eat, dress the bed, do laundry etc. Proper planning aids productivity.

  1. Reassure your child that the adults there will take care of them.

Before your child set out ,explain to your child how they will be able to communicate with you and how often, so you can manage expectations. Children tend to get anxious when they are away from home, they become shy and sometimes reserved. So, explaining to them that are in good hands. That way, they’ll feel extra special and loved during the first days at camp.

  1. Explain the importance of Hygiene and Social Interaction

Yes, we tend to say that “There is love in sharing” but it is limited to personal hygiene. Specifically teach children not to share brushes, towels, under wears,  combs e.t.c. Also, discuss with them the importance of socializing and interacting with people. In this present time, networking is key to progress.

  1. Get your child a Home Tutor

As much as parents love their children to have fun during summer which also helps them relax their brains; I would advice that a home tutor should be provided at least few weeks before school resumption. This will help revive the academic part of the child’s brain and help the child stay ahead. So, it’s a little fun and a little studying which is a win!


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