Choosing the Right School for your Child

Choosing the right School can be a bit of a drama for any Parent or Child, at any level. Parents or Children (Teen) are always with the Dilemma on which school can satisfy them with respect to the needs they have. This decision is not as simple as it may sound, for it is an important decision. Schools are changed from time to time for various reasons such as; change of place, high tuition, school standard, in satisfaction, educational progress (Primary-Secondary-University), failure e.t.c. Whatever the reason maybe, it is important to put certain factors into consideration in making the right choice.

Below are some factors to consider when choosing a school. These factors can guide you as you narrow down your choices.


The Child/Student’s need is the first reason to consider. Children are unique and this uniqueness makes their demands and needs different. Some are born to be sports inclined while others social or technically inclined; some may have learning/intellectual or physical disability, thereby determining the kind of school that suits them. You must be able to understand and know your Child in terms of his learning capabilities, emotions and physicality. There are schools, have strengths in music, some in discipline, some in sciences, some in arts e.t.c. In some instances siblings do not have to go to the same school because of their uniqueness. Get to know the uniqueness of the school teaching methods, curriculum and extracurricular activity and see how suitable it is. This uniqueness of your child demonstrated would decide the right school.


Getting a Education is not cheap and requires real investment. Notwithstanding good education does not have to be so expensive. There are schools that offer quality tuition relatively good prices. There are also schools that offer not to good tuition at very high prices. It is all about your priorities and diligently researching. Some parents choose a school for a bad reason as trying to be among the high class of society. This is very wrong. Make your proper findings for a good school that you can afford, to avoid embarrassment and pressure.

Curriculum, Vision and Mission of School

Various Schools are setup with various approaches, method, and Vision towards academics. You can have 20 schools in a street for education purpose but they would have different approaches and vision towards that common goal. Some schools run, Nigeria Curriculum , some British, some American and some Canadian; some even practice Montessori learning style. In the case of University, be sure of the courses present in the University meets up to what your child wants. Every school that states it offers a particular course or curriculum must also have the required resources for delivering such courses or curriculum. .


No matter the policy of the government or school, no matter the funding, the teachers are very important; because they are the ones who deliver the knowledge and who influence the child from day to day. I have had the opportunity of relating with some teachers in a school and the outcome was poor. A teacher would be able to have the required qualification to be in the classroom, have good communication and be presentable. This does not mean, you go ton every school and begin to as for the teachers’ qualification. It just means you can find a way of discussing and having conversation to any you have access to. A good school should also be able to invest in a teacher’s development. Build the teachers, you build the school.

Alumina Base

It is understandable that some schools may just be starting but then the alumina base of a school matters a lot. The record of accomplishment of the impact of a school reflects on what such students have become in society. In some cases, jobs are gotten as a result of the alumina base of a particular school. This should be considered important.

Proximity for Pick

In is only logical that the proximity for picking a child should not be very far. The child is only to be in school for a while and not the day. People consider various formulas, either the school is close to the house or close to the office, which ever that worst best for you. This is important for also emergency. Get to understand the traffic of that area. I must state also parents should be careful on the how comfortable they leave their child with drivers of whoever they send to do school runs for them.



Environment forms the learning process of a child. Have you noticed that when you go to an unkept school, the students tend to be unkept. If such as you go to an expensive area, if you want to throw rubbish, you would find it hard to do that compared if you go to a rural area. This in itself affects the mindset of a child. The environment of where you are educating your child is as important as the education itself. In addition, education should take place in a secured environment, where there is no harm to the child from both external and internal factors. A good school must be safety conscious.


In most countries, schools are ranked from time to time based on external exams written, school resources, environment and some other criteria. Find out the school’s past record in external exams, though these days that may not be an final pass mark because the level of exam malpractice schools, get involved but then, it should be considered.

With these few guideline, we hope you are able to make the right decision. Please also remember to discuss with your child, involve the child in your decision;agree with him. You can call 09075747976 for consultation at an affordable price.


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