The Safety of a Child from external vices cannot be overemphasized but can only be improved. A Child at his beginning stage of life is under the responsibility of his Parents and Caregivers for protection. In this order, it is expected that such people should have a more reminder on some safety risks in and around their Environments.

Protecting a toddler can be a difficult task, toddlers do not have the ability to express themselves verbally, most of them can only make sounds, facial expressions or body language. There are many things to protect your Child from, but with respect to this Article, we would be address three because they can be easily neglected.


Picking up Children from school, parks and the likes are very important roles for Parents and Caregivers. It is important that your Child arrives and is picked up on time. This will avoid any unnecessary distress that your Child may experience due to lateness. Children may display anxiety when they are been dropped off and when wait beyond the time of pick-off. It is important for Parents or caregivers to pick up their Kids themselves if the time permits. This helps connection between Parent and Child.

When a Child has the opportunity of been picked by his parent, he gets the opportunity of discussing most of what transpired. Children go through a lot when out and if not given quality time and attention Parents may unconsciously ignore some of the challenges they face when their Children are apart from them. They want to talk about their mate that cries all the time in class, or that big bully they are all afraid of, the subject they didn’t do so well in, how their best friend is mad at them for not sharing a pencil etc. When Parents pick up their Children themselves it gives them the opportunity to bond and listen to what their Kids have to say and talk to them on how to handles issues they face in school or among their peers. This makes the ride back home an interesting and motivating one.

If they cannot due to timing, they can ask the help of an family member if available. Do not over get used to your driver picking your Child without caution especially with the security situation in the Country.


Driving goes with alot of risk for not only the reason a car can develop fault but for also the simple reason, we do have disobedient and untrained road users. Having your Child wear their seat belts can be a battle as they love to be free. Nevertheless, the love of freedom should not be at the cost of keeping them safe. Children do not understand danger, they are naturally curious and what to explore the world around them. Take note, that the more mobile they get the more adventurous they become.

Buckling up on every ride is the single most important thing a family can do to stay safe in a car. Kids of younger ages, are expected to have their car chair for safety purpose and till they attain a certain age, they should not sit in the front. Parents can explain to their Children the importance of buckling up before the ride begins. There are many music videos for Kids that teach on how to wear their seat belts properly in a fun way. Parents can use such tools to their advantage.


The Home Environment is ideally supposed to be the safest place for Children but unfortunately, some Parents may not be cautious of such. This is attributed to the possibility of lack of information and enlightenment. Children can wander off in a blink, and as Parents and Guardians it is our responsibility to make sure our Children’s world is as safe as possible so that their exploration is injury-free and fun.Many things can go wrong in a Home Environment which should make parents extra careful.

Crawling babies can difficult to coördinate, they want to be everywhere and are easily distracted or bored with a particular. Be very careful to make sure harmful objects are not within the reach of the Kids. Items like; the TV remotes, phones, chargers, body lotions, bowl of water or raw food, perfumes, shoes e.t.c Risk of Injuries is related to levels of physical activities in the Home Environment. Parents and Guardians should make sure that the learning or playing environment of Children is safe. If you can afford the use of technology like CCTV, do explore such options.

One of the ways, you can majorly protect your Children, is to also teach them how protect themselves against other vices because you may not always be available. The Safety of your Child would not cost as much as the Consequences, be careful.




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