Life is like mathematics, to work out your life, you need formulas that suit your uniqueness. The same can be stated about a career.
Below are some tips to help your child’s career development:
Encourage your children to get as much education as possible. Do not restrict them to only academic education but to also other forms of education they have likeness for. Take advantage of the holidays especially if their grades are not bad, for other forms of education.
Help them to discover their innate talents and skills by taking them out for vocational training, excursions or boot camps
Develop their knowledge of the world of work. They can follow you to work or let them explore any opportunity of work, which will not cause distraction or harm. In the UK children of the age of 14 and above work though within certain guidelines
Teach them decision making skills and create scenarios for them at home which would task them. This provides an opportunity for them to try out their personal talent and critical thinking skills.
Research on career resources/ education and training opportunities. Observe the effects of work experience.
Look out for the danger signs in your child’s approach:
Waiting until the last minute to make decisions.
Unrealistic expectations.
Promises to work miracles with study next term.
Carrying too much higher -level subjects in spite of poor reports from teachers.
Lax approach to homework.

Selecting a course because the career is well paid is good but selecting a course because it is the purpose of your existence is better. Remember God needs your child to be himself,to fulfil the purpose for which he was made for.

A simple rule:
Be involved, but not in control
Advise, but do not decide
Support, but do not dominate.

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