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Career plays a very fundamental and significant role in the life of the individual not only because it determines the pattern of income but also because it affects the individual’s personality and concepts in life.  Career is the totality of work one does in his/her life time and it is of utmost importance to every individual as he or she prepares for the future. It can be regarded as a path way of expression of one’s true self and relevance to society.
This important entity is one of the reason parents invest a lot of time and money to see that their children get the best form of education. Most parents do get burden with the headache on what path way would suit their child.
To be successful, one must figure out the career that would best suit oneself. The journey of choosing a career begins at an early stage of a child’s life and grows until the secondary school stage. At the early stage, kids are randomly asked what they would like to do or be in life. The answers tend to be bizarre and funny as some of you may have experienced. Some children do say they would like to be doctor and an accountant at the same time, some would say they would like to be a pilot and a banker or even a lawyer and an engineer e.t.c. When asked on their reasons, you hear funny reasons related to making money, some related to a family member been in that profession or even some as a result of watching a TV character. Whichever the course or reason, choosing a career can be a herculean task as the child grows. A herculean task because reality begins to dawn on his sense, that not all he thought he could be when younger may be easy. Children are exposed to numerous options of what they can be but at times get clueless on even making one choice. The irony is that every child is expected to know what he would like to be in future without any real exposure, experience or thorough knowledge of what he would like to be. How can you expect a child to tell you he wants to an engineer when probably he has never seen one or exposed to one.
With respect to this, parents tend to get fully involved in helping their children make good choices. Because they want their children to find happiness and success in life and one factor, which can influence happiness, and success is career choice.
Parents, having gone through this process tend to be more experienced in guiding the children towards a career. Yusuf Dankanawa, a teacher in his late 30s, says parents should choose their children’s career because choosing a career is an important decision that impacts an individual’s future; hence parents can become very worried. “There is nothing wrong if parents choose a career for their children because most of the time parents mean their children well and they want to make sure the children have a stable and financially rewarding career. Also, parents in general have more experience than their children and they know more about the reality of life and career opportunities.”
Notwithstanding, parents should know that such may have a repercussionary effect. The experience of the reality of life and career opportunities may not tally with present hour reality or future realities. Parents at times use the experience of their time to choose careers for the children forgetting that the times of changed and their children have a very different environment to deal with and sometimes their choices may not match with today’s reality. According to Aisha Bello, a Fifty-five-year-old mother of six, contrast to Yusuf Dankanawa view says that parents should not choose careers for their children as this could have a negative impact on the children in the long run. She however, says it is important to encourage children to aspire towards whatever they choose to be from a variety of different options.
Parents do forget that the child have his own personal attributes which has a major role in his career choice. He is the character in his life and it is important he sees the purpose of whatever choices he makes. Some children today are doing courses based on what their parents chose for them and they struggle through life, hence they lack fulfillment in life. Choosing a career for a child does not help the child to have to discover himself. Self discovery engenders passion and exploration. The inner most talent can make a child flourish without boundaries. All a parent needs to do is harness their talent and dreams.

“I honestly think if parents refrain from choosing careers for their kids, the children would end up getting a satisfactory job if not a dream job even. When people are pleased with their job and as long as they enjoy what they do, then they tend to have happier and satisfied lives. Therefore, they will lead great lives at least in the career arena and this would positively affect other areas of a person’s life as well,” argued Bello, who works as a nurse.
Parents must always remember is not the career that adds value to an individual but an individual adds value to a career. Let them discover their purpose and talent, then you would be surprised how much potential and value they have to offer.


  • Fabian says:

    Great article.
    Every parent should read this.

  • Daniel says:

    This is a very important and interesting topic. I think its the responsibility of parents to guide their children in making the the right choice and not choosing for them.

  • Daddy Chuks says:

    Well articulated, but some parents are too stubborn even if they read articles like this. The society have made them believe that there are only 4 professions- Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer and a Disgrace to the family(@ people that want to study music, fine art, political science etc).
    The sad part is that, it affects the child that is being forced to study a course against their will.
    Wish parents will preach success n advise their wards to be good at whatever they wish to become.

    • Very true sir. All we can do is advocate a change. It is obvious in our society it has not worked. We have alot of doctors,engineers and lawywers who are not practicing either because of no jobs or because they are not fulfilling their purpose.Education is to solve problems and not to give titles. We hope for the best. Thank you sir

  • elona says:

    Informative one!

  • Ella says:

    Nice. Thank you for sharing

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