The teaching profession is seen as a poor man's wor but yet it is one of the most relevant job in the country. There is hardly any prominent man in society who never had a teacher,whether formal or informal. For this reason time should be taen to appreciate and recognise the effort of teachers in child and nation building.This article discusses on the importance and tips on appreciating teachers.


Albert Einstein said, “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” Teachers play a key role in shaping the future of our society yet their role is highly underrated. Many work hard dedicating their lives to educating children. Teachers do not do it just for only pay or praise but they teach because they want to make a difference. They are passionate about their jobs and enjoy leaving their prints in the life of each child under their care. We may not dispute the fact that not all teachers that teach, are called to teach. Notwithstanding a talented or called teacher will always do more than what he is paid.
Their role in children’s lives has been profoundly important to their growth and education. They fuel their desire to learn and inspire them to do their best, at the same time providing encouragement and invaluable guidance. Teachers put their students first and share their lives with their students. If you calculate the number of hours your children spend in school and calculate the number of days they spend in school in a year, it will amaze you to find out they spend more time in school than home. Teachers are the guardians your children spend more time with than even you. Can you remember how it meant to have a good or bad teacher? Can you remember how a good teacher made you love a subject and how a bad teacher made you hate a subject? That is how important a teacher is, they have a major influence in your child’s life.
No one is aware of how hard it is for a teacher and how they manage on a daily basis. They spend their weekends, off work hours planning and preparing lessons, and have sleepless nights thinking of new strategies to meet the needs of each student. They have their eye on the prize and they tirelessly continue to do their workday in day out. So much is thrown at them but they refused to be overwhelmed instead, they do the next best thing they can do for their students. Can you remember how it felt when your kids were back home and you had to watch over them all day. That is the same feeling teachers do feel and the expectation from them, is to love different kids with different characters and attitude.

A teacher’s influence is monumental. He only considers himself successful when his students achieve success. Many teachers do not receive the admiration and respect that they deserve. Everyone likes to be appreciated and know his or her efforts matter. These selfless teachers are no exception. What other way to show them that their service and sacrifice matters except to appreciate and encourage them. We need to say thank you to teachers as often as we can. There are many ways to appreciate them. It makes them more confident and challenges them to do better. Parents and students have a hand to play in letting teachers know they are aware and grateful for all they do. Some suggestions for appreciating them include;

  • Tell them you appreciate them. Words are powerful. Let your teacher know what you love about them.
  • Write them a personalized thank you note letting them know what kind of impact they have made. A handwritten heartfelt note can make them feel special. A thank you note can also be sent to their email or Facebook page if you have access to it. Imagine a case where teachers are celebrated in the face book pages of parents. I believe the feeling of such teachers would be unimaginable
  • Know their birthday and do something memorable for them. It could be giving them a cake or getting them a special gift or any treat you can afford.
  • Donate money for their classroom activities. Teachers spend their money and resources for classroom supplies. You can give them some money to help ease this burden.
  • Buy them lunch. Surprise them with lunch from their favorite restaurant.
  • Buy them a present. It doesn’t have to be elegant or expensive. Any heartfelt present will make a teacher know you genuinely appreciate him/her.
  • Encourage your kids be an exemplary student. Sometimes, this is the best way to say thank you. Teachers appreciate students who enjoy being at school and genuinely excited to learn because it makes his work easier.
  • Contact them when they are sick. Let them know you are concerned about their welfare. Ask them if they need anything and let them know you hope they get well soon. They will appreciate the time you took to check on them.
  • Be supportive as a parent. Knowing they have tremendous parental support makes a teacher’s job easier. Backing their decisions is an excellent way to show appreciation.
  • Teach your kids to periodically call their old teachers from time to time. Let them know when your child has reached a milestone in their life such as graduating high school/college. They played a role in getting your child there so including them in this celebration will let them know just how much valuable they are.
  • Lastly, if you see your child is passionate to teach encourage such passion. We are in a country where the least profession to encourage a child to go to, is teaching. We see it as a poor man’s work. We forget that if you see it as that then teachers will offer your kids the poor man’s mentality.

Imagine a world without teachers. Not all the tips listed can be done, but some can be done and would make a difference. Teachers reward does not need to be in heaven because your child’s improvement and performance is not in heaven but here on earth.


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