Tips in Making a Good Career Choice


Choosing a career is one of the most fundamental choices to be made in life. This is because it is a decision that can decide the fulfillment of an individual. When you see major key contributors in the society, you would see, they used the vehicle of career to make impact in life. With a country, whose youth population is 70%, it is only ideal for this population to be guided on making such a right choice. A Country blessed with not only abundance natural resources but also human resources. We are characterized to under use such human resource; having Doctors found in the banks, Bankers found in fashion houses, Engineers found in financial companies, lawyers found in event companies e.t.c.

This is an exhibition of wasted time, money and potential which is not a good report for the Nigeria. Such waste can be attributed to a bad career choice or bad career planning. To stop this from repeating itself it becomes imperative that parents, teens and youths are enlightened on either how they can guide their kids or themselves in making a good career choice.

This Article is focused on guiding teens, youths and parents in making or helping make this important decisions. The following are tips to consider when Choosing a Career

Personality Exploration/Self Discovery

This is the first and one of the most important point is exploring yourself. Every Career starts from the personality of an person. This is important because you are the actor in the script of your life. Most times, people are able to define physics, chemistry, biology and external things of life generally and they forget to define themselves. As every person goes to school to learn and get educated about life and its environment, he should be educated about himself. Everyone has a unique personality and made for a purpose, that purpose determines your Career. As every seed has all it requires to be a big tree when it grows,we have all we need to make and fulfill the right career choice. With respect to personality, you need to discover your Interest, Passion, Values, Skills and Knowledge. We would discuss more on this, in our subsequent articles.

Career Planning/Exploration

After self-discovery, the next is for you to go on a Career exploration on what problem your strengths can solve. For example, if you are person that loves to make people smile and you make an environment come alive, you may fit into been an entertainer, which on the long run you will be putting smiles on people’s faces. Is possible you love to do practical things with your hands, you may fit into be a fashion designer, an Engineer, Technical staff. Your personality has a link to various Careers; you just need to find that Career that suits you. Make use of the internet; ask teachers, parents, counselors or success career men or women. Parents you can be a guide on your child’s choice.

Education/Academic Performance

Education is tool, which empowers an individual to become a solution provider. You are as relevant as what you are trained for in your choice of career and how excellent your performance is. If you are a parent and you have made a discovery of what suits, your child, it is very important to educate that child accordingly. If what they need to learn is not in accordance to the school curriculum the child is present in, you take advantage of OST (Out of School Time). These are periods the child has long holiday like third term Holiday, JSS 3 Holiday or even when the child is awaiting admission into the University. You must understand education is not schooling and schooling is not education but a part of education. Send your child to volunteer at a work place related to his prospective career choice. If you don’t have your business he/she can work, send him for certain training programs for his personal development. In the process, the child is getting some form of education that would help him/her to the pursuit of career. Ensure your child to be a high performer in his academics because certain industries will accept only a required level of performance to be accepted.

School Choice

The next important thing is to consider is the choice of school. Schools were built to educate and empower people to be solution providers As much as this is the purpose of schools, various schools have their niche and strengths. There are schools that are best at Medicine, Law, the various Engineering courses, Business or Marketing. It is imperative you search and find out which school suits you best with respect to your course. you can go as far checking the general ranking of the school and the ranking with respect to the courses. You can also rate schools abroad for those considering schools overseas. Please take note that you school abroad does not mean you are in a good school. Remember that in some cases, employers pay attention to the school of a graduate.

|Job Exploration/Work Style

Get to know the kind of jobs available, which you believe you fit in. The environment you find yourself in, have its own needs therefore, the jobs available would be different. Some jobs are field based (Construction for example), industry (Manufacturing companies), Security based or Office based e.t.c . You need to explore what you know you can and will strive in. Please note that not everything you do should be enjoyable or fun but at the same time ensure there is a drive from the inside. Do not also limit yourself to explore beyond what you will normally be comfortable with. You may need to find out the typical day of such prospective jobs, the working conditions and required skills to excel in such jobs.

Get a Mentor or an Adviser in your Area Interest.

It is important to have more clarity into what you want to make a long-term commitment. This then makes it imperative you find out from those who are in that journey or have been in the journey. You can use the tools of social media to your advantage by making contacts with top management officers in those where your profession is relevant. Make such you search for top companies/ institutions/organizations that are excelling in relation to your course or career choice. You can search for tops companies globally and locally.


The tips in making a Career Choice exceeds all listed above, we would discuss more. You can book a session with us by calling 09075747976  to get direction., if confused.


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